Job summary:

We are looking for a candidate who is technologically savvy with deep maths background, Curious and passionate to solve business problems with an exposure to Machine Learning & Quantitative Methods.

The AI Engineer is expected to leverage his/her expertise to translate the customer’s business need into a techno-analytic problem and appropriately work with the team of specialists to bring large scale analytic solutions to fruition.

This role would be based in Bangalore for 5 months, USA for 1 month.

The key responsibilities of AI Engineer are:

  • Create cutting edge models for understanding vast amounts of textual, numeric, graphic and speech data
  • Create and deployment of production-ready code
  • Create framework for AI/ML code deployment to ensure robustness and reliability of production ready models


  • Exposure to Statistical Toolkits such as R, Weka, Python
  • Good Python/R programming skills. Java programming skills a plus
  • Building, deploying and measuring predictive/prescriptive analytics models (i.e. SVM, decision tree, clustering, logistic regression, linear and non-linear regression, ANN, CNN, RNN)
  • Deep learning frameworks such as Tensor Flow, Keras, Torch, Theano


  • Good knowledge of concepts in Machine Learning, Statistics, NLP, esp., in their application to learning from large data sources.
  • Proven expertise in deriving insights from large distributed databases.

Desirable experience:


  • Understanding of Graph DB and tools such as Neo4j etc.
  • Understanding of NLP, NLU and Machine learning/Deep learning methods
  • SQL/NoSQL, MS Access, databases
  • UI development paradigms that would enable Text Mining Insights Visualization,e.g., Adobe Flex Builder, HTML5, CSS3
  • Linux, GPU Experience
  • Spark, Scala for distributed computing


  • Previous experience with Big Data analytics implementations, using either Vanilla Hadoop or Cloudera/IBM BigInsights
  • Ability to Prioritize, Consultative mindset & Time management skills
  • Understanding/experience with the Google Cloud Platform/AWS/Azure and other
    Big Data solutions such as Cloudera is preferred

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Genpact

Location: Bangalore, KA

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