Job summary:

HP is looking for University students enrolled in a Masters advanced degree program who are working in a technical or non-technical internship role at HP during their study or in summer breaks between university semesters.

The candidate will be engaged in a variety of data collection, analytic, programming and reporting related projects, to support HP Inc.’s Quality and Customer Experience improvement programs. The candidate will work both independently and in a global, team environment. Work requires confidence in programming, mathematics and the ability to coordinate and execute data collection, processing, reporting and analytics projects.

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Research, identify and collect data from multiple sources
  • Consolidate and clean data to prepare for statistical analysis and visualization
  • Conduct statistical analysis to correlate the strength of relationship between customer experience, financial and process measures
  • Participate in processes to automate data collection into data warehouses
  • Build models to predict revenue growth from customer experience and process metrics
  • Evaluate suitability of metrics and measures for analysis, inclusion in scorecards and for improvement efforts
  • Publish periodic progress reports (project status and scorecards)

Education and Experience Required:

  • Bachelors degree. 1st year of Master’s program completed; strong preference for Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics or Mathematics degrees
  • Basic programming skills. Preferably Java, Python and SQL
  • Experience in data extraction, data cleansing and preparation, text analytics, data mining.
  • Ability to conduct statistical analysis including correlation and multivariate regression
  • Strong verbal and written communication (Fluent in English)
  • Skills to manage smaller projects to successful completion
  • Learn quickly; translate school or other knowledge into practical application


  • Experience working with small teams to accomplish shared objectives
  • Analysis & Modeling: 2+ years of experience building statistical models (e.g. linear & logistic regression, time series, SVM, etc.)
  • Data: 2+ years of experience working with databases (relational, map-reduce, columnar) writing SQL code to extract, manipulate and analyze.
  • Ability to streamline and automate data collection and onboarding tasks using programming skills
  • Familiarity with API’s and various Db connectors to onboard data
  • Progress toward advanced degree or other relevant work experience considered a plus

Job/Req. ID: 3040247

Company: HP

Location: Bangalore, KA

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