Graduate Engineer – CPU/GPU Implementation | ARM | Bangalore, KA


Job description:

ARM India is conducting an interview for the post of Graduate Engineer.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Physical implementation of Arm’s latest CPU, GPU, NPU and Interconnect IP.
  • Exposure to advanced and mainstream technology nodes(3nm/5nm/7nm/12nm/22nm) being driven by multiple foundries.
  • Path-finding for Performance, Power and Area(PPA) metrics using varied recipes along with backend closure that’s representative of a tape-out.
  • Implementation flow and PPA tuning across multiple vendor based EDA flows in parallel.
  • Collaborating with Arm sales, marketing and end customers to refine the physical IP and implementation products.
  • Contribute in brainstorming ideas, approaches and recipes on all products being designed in the team.
  • Learn the intricacies of supporting products across different market segments like Client, Infrastructure,Automotive, IOT and Machine Learning.
  • Celebrate with the team to rejuvenate the mind and spirit for accomplishing greater things in future.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • You will be expected to build implementations of Arm CPU/GPU class designs using Arm’s optimized physical IP.
  • You will need to setup RTL, integrate memory models, create floorplans, setup synthesis / P&R flow and complete backend closure.
  • The primary objective would be to optimize performance, power and area as required by the Arm IP and the associated market segment.
  • In terms of backend closure, you will need to take the design through STA, EM, IR drop, signoff DRC and other types of verification steps.
  • You will also need to work on lighter aspects related to DFT(scan insertion, compression and ATPG) and setup Gate-level simulations to report power.
  • Your daily job will demand a lot of handshaking with physical IP teams who are responsible for “optimized” standard cell and memories.
  • You will also need to work with EDA partners in an independent manner to create and deploy recipes related to EDA tools.
  • You will see exposure to sales, marketing and licensing teams at Arm.This will extend to end customers also as you ramp up in the team.

Qualification & Experience required:

  • BE/BTECH/MTECH with 6 months to 1 year of minimum experience in Physical Design domain.
  • A star that believes in making the whole constellation brighter rather than shining all alone. We are only about “We” and not “I”.
  • Values communication as a key medium to nurture learning, builds trust with others and solves complex problems with dependencies.
  • Strong understanding in the RTL2GDSII flow for leading or mainstream process technologies.
  • Good understanding of the concepts related to synthesis, place & route, CTS, timing convergence, IR/EM checks and signoff DRC/LVS closure.
  • Any implementation experience on Arm CPU and GPU IP designs would be very useful.
  • Expertise on optimizing for cost functions like performance, power and/or area is like gold dust.
  • High-level know-how related to foundation IPs like standard cells and memories fits well with our work.
  • Working experience with tools like DC/Genus, ICC2/Innovus,Primetime/Tempus etc used in the RTL2GDSII implementation.
  • Good automation skills in PERL, TCL and EDA tool specific scripting can be impactful

Job/Req. ID: 19753

Company: ARM

LocationBangalore, KA

Job Category: Electronics or VLSI Engineering

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