Motor Control Application Engineer | Microchip Technology | Bangalore, KA


Job description:

Microchip Technology is conducting an interview for the post of Motor Control Application Engineer.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Development of MATLAB/ SCILAB model for motor control for PMSM/ BLDC and AC Induction motor (ACIM).
  • Converting the equation and theory of motor operation into optimized algorithm (fixed point number format).
  • Development and testing of Motor control firmware.
  • Testing of motor with suitable control algorithm.
  • Testing and debugging of peripheral blocks of Microcontroller and communication blocks.

Qualifications and Experience required:

  • PhD or MTech in power electronics/ control systems.
  • Well versed with theory of motor operation – operation of salient pole and non-salient pole permanent magnet motor, MTPA, field weakening mode of operation and sensorless estimator.
  • Well versed with development of model in MATLAB/ SCILAB based on the motor theory.
  • Experienced with Microcontroller (Atmel, PIC, dsPIC preferred).
  • Thorough knowledge of power electronics, control systems and motor theory.
  • Thorough with C-programming.

Job/Req. ID: 12276 / I797-20

CompanyMicrochip Technology

LocationBangalore, KA

Job CategoryElectronics Engineering

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