Process Engineer – KUR00118 | Cargil | Maharastra


Job description:

Cargil is conducting an interview for the post of Process Engineer.

Job duties and responsibilities:

The Process Engineer applies engineering techniques to assist in the improvement of manufacturing processes and products. In this role, you will provide technical support, operations experience, continuous improvement and project management skills in a plant support capacity that ensures safe, efficient and low-cost plant operations.

  • You will handle manufacturing equipment and processes designed to be efficient, cost-effective, and to promote quality and reliability.
  • Assesses current manufacturing equipment and processes and makes recommendations for improvements.
  • Helps to fix and repair equipment.
  • Shows results in reports.
  • Helps in conducting tests and measurements throughout stages of production to determine control over such variables as temperature, density, specific gravity, pressure, and viscosity.
  • Help process engineer analyze capital expenditures and project designs to find more efficient, cost-effective approaches, which promotes higher quality and reliable outcomes
  • You will work under direct supervision and handle basic issues and problems, while referring more complex issues to higher-level staff.

Qualifications required:

Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience.

Job/Req. ID: KUR00118

Company: Cargil

Location: Maharastra

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