Intern (Renewable Energy Analyst) | Panitek Power AG | India


Job description:

Panitek Power AG is conducting an internship for Engineers.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • To create a database of energy-intensive industries in India mapped onto various sectors, thereby identifying key energy-related pain points of such industries.
  • The key focus of the internship will be to assess opportunities of industry-related technologies (like utilization of waste heat from the industry for power, using excess pressure to power, conversion of waste heat to cooling, energy storage, etc.).
  • The internship will involve real-time research via discussions/interviews with energy auditors and industries, based on these discussions/interviews key trends shall be identified to connect with the relevant cleantech company from Europe.
  • The intern shall be given detailed training on the technologies as well as the way to approach the relevant Indian Industries/energy auditors.
  • To create visually cognitive maps for the energy nexus thereby identify synergies with relevant Indian Industries and sustainable technologies from Europe of relevance.
  • Assist in Creating a nexus between clean tech innovations in Europe and North America with the Indian market.
  • Key trends and industrial connections will be compiled into a report that will be utilized for future projects.

Job requirements:

  • Passion for clean and sustainable energy development in India.
  • Experience in data analysis and ability to convert key findings into useful maps, charts or other visually cognitive representations.
  • Good report writing and speaking skills in English.
  • Good networking skills and active on LinkedIn.

Qualification required:

Bachelor’s in Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering (with some experience in renewable energy) or Energy Engineering.

About Panitek Power AG:

Panitek Power specializes in working with European and North American clean energy companies towards entering the Indian market. Uniquely, the Panitek team has developed several businesses in India and the team has broad sector experience particularly in the clean-tech sector. Having been operating in the Indian market for over a decade, the team has an unparalleled network across the business environment as well as the political world and professional advisors. The company’s core strength is to collaborate with companies and develop a growth strategy. This is achieved by transferring and scaling up technologies in India, which is desperately in need of cleaner solutions to meet its rising energy requirements.

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Panitek Power AG

Location: Remote, India (WFH)

Job Category: Mechanical or Electrical

Job type: Internship

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