Embedded System Engineer | Hachimichi | Pune, MH


Job description:

Hachimichi is looking for a System Engineer who can help make the existing product robust and ready for mass deployment.

Job duties & responsibilities :

  • Focus on SeatO’fresh.
  • Identify and resolve issues and errors
  • Sensors: The way machine detects user presence
  • Power electronics: The way machine manages its energy (adapter, battery, etc.)
  • Micro-controller: Brain of the machine
  • Motor: The way correct actions are taken
  • Data Management: The way data is captured and a sense is made of it
  • Adjust product specification according to
  • product robustness,
  • vendor availability and
  • production level feasibility

Job requirements:

  • Transform a college design level project into a robust and mass-production level product
    Embedded systems, micro-controllers, programming languages, sensors, power electronics, motors, PCB building, IoT
  • Able to work with zero supervision.
  • Eagerness to apply theory in practice. Not afraid to outreach and seek advice from outside.

About Hachimichi:

Dirty, stinky, unhygienic! Are these the first thoughts that come to your mind when you think of our public toilets? If yes, then you are at the right place. Hachimichi is bringing technology to the your washrooms to make them convenient, resourceful and above all, comfortable. As long as humans eat, they will continue to excrete; toilets are never ending. Grab the opportunity in a sector where no one else is paying attention.

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Hachimichi

Location: Pune, MH

Job Category: Electronics Engineering

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