Research Intern – Urban Mobility (29145) | OLA | Gurgaon, Haryana


Job description:

OLA is conducting an internship at their Gurgaon office.

Job duties and responsibilities:

You will be an integral part of the team that will create databases, and analyse and visualise transport data in India and elsewhere (especially other Commonwealth markets like Australia, New Zealand, UK). You will add on to the team’s writing and analytical abilities, and ideally contribute with quantitative, presentation and Mapping skills. You will be assessed on the basis of your commitment, creativity and ability to make compelling visualisation and analysis that invokes appreciation beyond words. You will learn about how data is the holy grail for decision making and experience mobility in cities, in India and elsewhere.

The research team is experienced in understanding all forms of urban mobility, and methods to study at scale. The team has educational backgrounds in architecture, urban planning, political science, development economics, mathematics, sociology, policy making and entrepreneurship. Your areas of interest should include data visualisation, analytics, urbanisation, and mobility with special focus on ability and tools to map (GIS skills).

Your scope of work includes:

  • Research and Presentation-based knowledge products (60% of time required)
  • Secondary research: Prepare a repository of cities and transport related data and documents, based on which projections can be made.
  • Co-relate different parameters and carry out regression analyses to make sense of different parameters affecting mobility.
  • Prepare briefs on policy issues & submissions relevant to OMI’s urban mobility work
  • Identify opportunities for impactful research
  • Creating Design and Graphics to visualize data and compile the product (40% of time required)
  • Produce material to communicate research outcomes and analytical content that is graphically pleasing to civil society, businesses, non-technical audiences, media, the government and other stakeholders
  • Relevant presentation and engagement in research-oriented fora.

Required Attributes and Qualifications:

  • Pursuing Post graduation or Undergraduation in fields of Urban Planning/ Transport Planning/ Urban Design
  • Exceptional ability to create maps as a medium for data visualisation
  • Strong analytical research skills and aptitude for numbers
  • Ability to comprehend data and prepare impactful messages using visualisation
  • Highly organised and detail-oriented thinker who can juggle multiple, competing priorities
  • Ability to understand patterns of growth and development in cities, relating policies that affect the development pattern and relating it to mobility

Job/Req. ID: 29145

Company: OLA

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

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