FEA Analyst | Ideametrics Private Limited | Kolhapur, MH

Job description:

Ideametrics Private Limited is hiring FEA Analyst for their Kolhapur office.

Job duties and responsibilities:

The primary job of FEA analyst is to Participate in finite element modeling and analyze problems in thermal and thermo-fluids domain in high and low temperature range. Involve in finite element modeling and analysis in structural domain responding to linear and non-linear problems.

The key responsibilities of an FEA engineer comprise:

  • Participating finite element modeling for analyzing the problems related to thermal and thermo-fluids environment; comparing the results with analysis in both high and low temperature ranges
  • Creating finite element models of various parts based on the analysis result, assembling the same with respect to linear and non-linear structural domain
  • Running finite element modeling in various environment for checking its feasibility in structural, thermal, and vibration domain, conducting finite element analysis in electrical, electro-magnetic and multi-physics environment, and performing analytical studies for analyzing the mechanism of kinematics, dynamics, and force analysis
  • Preparing strategic planning for handling additional CAE modeling processes and participating in FEA & CFD developmental processes and other engineering programs for creating new product designs or implementing the modification of existing designs as per new requirements
  • Accelerating product development processes for meeting customer requirements ● Coordinating with the staff involves in test and analysis of finite element modeling, providing actual solution to FEA model, and interpreting the analysis results accordingly for providing the best possible solution to the same
  • Interpreting analysis results with respect to results obtained by lab testing procedures, converting these results into practical design templates based on given geometry model, and providing structural support to designing and certification groups
  • Writing test plans for finite element modeling, data collection process, and model calibration and correlation studies, providing various mechanical and electrical system component for analysis purpose by using various analytical methods and engineering tools (e.g. MathCAD, MATLAB, Excel, etc.)
  • Writing reports for summarizing the analysis results and reviewing all project-related analysis results for ensuring the accuracy of project reports

Qualifications required:

Post Graduate in Mechanical Engineering

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Ideametrics Private Limited

Location: Kolhapur, MH

Job Category: Mechanical Engineering

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