Electronics Circuit Designer (Internships and Full-Time Positions) | Mechanical Chef | Bangalore, KA

Job description:

Mechanical Chef is a startup in Bangalore developing cooking robots.

Mechanical Chef is creating a new world and a bringing into existence something that doesn’t at present have a concrete form.

So they are calling the creative and the passionate to join – those who get a kick out of bringing into existence something that no one has yet seen or maybe even imagined.

Mechanical Chef is looking for engineers who care about developing skills, doing meaningful work, who have the powers of imagination to be able to come up with good and sensible ideas, who are passionate about tech, love looking into the future, and love developing circuits and experimenting with electronics, and have loads of projects to prove it.

Job duties and responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the electronics circuit designer can span the space of pretty much everything outside VLSI and PLC programming. It will involve microcontroller board development (ATMega, ESP, PIC or STM families or SOCs) and also digital circuit design. Since they work with robots, familiarity with motors and drivers for motors is essential. Mechanical Chef hope to find a candidate who has used EasyEDA or some other PCB design tool and has designed for SMT. Optionally the responsibilities could encompass power electronics (SMPS, high-frequency high-wattage circuitry) and again for those interested, might include some aspects of electrical power management and BMSes.

The truth is, there is hardly any electronics manufacture in India (not even resistors and capacitors are manufactured here, and almost every single appliance in your home is imported almost completed from outside India with just some local brand’s name stuck on it) and consequently very little electronics design know-how resides in the country.

Mechanical Chef is working to change some aspects of this and create a fertile environment to support local suppliers and technology vendors such as there are today. Mechanical Chef would like to build enough technical capabilities to be able to do more of the manufacture of electronics using (and consequently strengthening) local supply chains for electronics and hopefully contribute to creating a stronger electronics ecosystem locally. So they hope to bring in an electronics designer who would be worthy of Apple or Sony and Mechanical Chef sincerely hope this person exists out there somewhere.

Qualifications required:

Mechanical Chef is looking for an intern who loves developing circuits (a 3rd or 4th year undergrad preferably and someone who can work with us for at least 6 months) who wants to work on digital electronics and microcontrollers and PCB design, and who has strong hands-on electronics skills.

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Mechanical Chef

LocationBangalore, KA

Job CategoryElectronics Engineering

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