Technician, Production FOB | West Pharmaceutical | Sri City, Andhra Pradesh

Job description:

West Pharmaceutical is conducting an interview for the post of Technician.

This position supports the Lead, Ops, Prod, FOB to achieve the established objectives / KPIs.

Job responsibilities/objectives:

  • Operate, trouble shoot and maintenance of machinery and equipment in the shop floor
  • Operate Injection molding machine & ancillary equipment’s, Mold unloading & loading, Process trouble shooting according to SOI.
  • Executing production plan
  • Trained in how to operate the machine, daily routine maintenance
  • Supporting and building technical documentation for shop floor
  • Coordinate with PM team for machine maintenance activities
  • Ensure 5S in line
  • Do analysis of major break down in lines along with technician and team leader
  • Participate in Internal & External Audits
  • Draw raw material (aluminum, buttons, liner) and lubricants from warehouse and store in the designated area with identification / label.
  • Perform line clearance, start-up verification and routine self-checks according to SOI. Operate Data metabarcoding to SOI
  • Record Batch card, production and quality data and comply to GDP as required by the company.
  • Ensure that all operations in your area of responsibilities are complied with GMP ISO 9001, ISO 15378 etc.

Molding Operations:

  •  Ability to execute Startup and shutdown procedures
  •  Ability to do change over
  •  Ability to see & change settings (parameters) in HMI
  •  Identify machine guarding
  •  Ability operate machine
  •  Storage and handling of materials
  •  Cross check the production details in operator logbook and handover to Team leader
  •  Attend & solve break down


The job holder is aware of his/her special responsibility for quality and conducts his/her activities in accordance with the Company quality policy at all times.

  •  Can identify injection molding quality defects
  •  Ability to perform online checks
  •  Ability to perform identification of molding defects & visual checks
  •  Ability to participate in quality improvement process
  •  Ability to analyze and adjust the machinery, equipment, and materials to address quality issues
  •  Understand the requirements of cGMP standards as required by the company
  •  Ensure good 5S and Housekeeping are maintained at all time in the work areas.
  •  Practice good hygiene in shop floor
  •  Practice & Implement 5S in shop floor
  •  Solve problems effecting 5S & hygiene
  • Ensure that products conform to the requirements of our customers and meet full customer Satisfaction
  • Ensure products that are cost effective without prejudice to the required standard of performance, reliability and quality
  • Adhering to the processes and procedures that apply to quality
  • Ensure that all operations in your area of responsibilities are comply with GMP ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 15378:2017.

SOI: The job holder of all relevant SOPs as per Company as they are related to the position covered by this Job Description.


The job holder is aware of his/her special responsibility towards health and safety in accordance with the company’s safety policy at all times.

  •   Implementation of minimum safety behavior
  •  Understand the accident reporting procedures
  •  Maintain safe work area
  •  Fulfill all key processes tagging machine (LOTO)
  •  Implementation of usage of PPE’s in Shop floor
  •  Understand and design machine guards
  •  Identify and find out how to deal with unsafe conditions
  •  Support the investigation of accidents and labor protection
  • Ensure all safety features are checked and tested according to the requirements before starting the operation
  • Promptly report any malfunction safety features to the Superior immediately for corrective action.
  • Work safely by not causing unsafe conditions or doing unsafe acts
  • Adhering to the processes and procedures that apply to Health and Safety conformance.


Support and contribute actively in Lean sigma programs and activities towards delivery of the set target.

  • Take initiatives to reduce waste by switching off the machinery if it is not operating for a prolong period (eg. Weekend / public holiday etc), switch of the lights and air conditioning if not required etc.
  • Support Lean initiatives and actively participate in waste reduction and quality/productivity improvement.
  • Perform all other responsibilities/tasks as required by superior and management.
  • Data mining and information to identify and measure potential improvements.
  • Conduct a review of continuous improvement to get the action and the best opportunities for improvement
  • Share ideas, knowledge and practices to improve processes and solve problems.
  • Ensure continuous improvement process to support the goals of quality and safety.

Basic Qualifications

  • NITEC / ITI / Diploma in Production or Mechanical Engineering.
  • 1-3 year hands-on working experience in Injection molding.
  • Able to speak, write and read English

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Basic computer knowledge with spread sheet
  • Experience in Injection Molding will be preferred
  • Experience in cGMP will be added advantage

Travel Requirements:

  • Must be able to travel up to 10% of the time

Physical & Mental Requirements:

  • Able to perform shift work
  • Must be a team player

Job/Req. ID: 60859

Company: West Pharmaceutical

Location: Sri City, Andhra Pradesh

Job category: Mechanical or Production Engineering

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