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Job description:

Microsoft invite entry-level researchers with an interest in program synthesis, developer/end-user tools, and high-impact research to apply for a full-time position in the PROSE team.

About the team:

The PROSE team is advancing the state of the art in program synthesis and shipping these innovations through flagship Microsoft products that impact millions of users worldwide.
These products include the world’s most popular spreadsheet software Excel, the industry-leading IDEs Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, the power platform suite of products including Power BI, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, and other software tools including Azure Data Studio, Azure Data Monitor, Azure Data Factory, PowerShell, and SQL Server Management Studio. The application domains range from developer productivity, business user low-code/no-code scenarios to even programming education. To power these features PROSE has developed a powerful and flexible framework for program synthesis that leverages techniques from both logical reasoning and machine learning (including LLMs) and combines them in unique ways to synthesize programs automatically. This approach has been recognized with frequent papers at top-tier conferences and awards, including best paper and test-of-time awards.

The recent success of large language models (LLMs) creates an opportunity to take a qualitative step forward, to extend dramatically the reach of what users can do with Copilots.  Microsoft’s team provides a unique opportunity to work at the intersection of cutting-edge AI research and real-world impact, solving customer problems at a global scale. Researchers design and carry out the research underlying state-of-the-art systems and work together with world-class engineers to implement these systems in production.

Job duties and responsibilities:

As an entry-level researcher, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to innovative research, under the guidance of senior researchers and engineers, that integrates various artificial intelligence technologies and delivers features for customer-facing Microsoft products
  • Design, implement, and experiment across a range of domains, including data wrangling, developer tools, end-user programming, and programming education
  • Publish in top-tier academic venues and interact with the broader academic community, for example giving talks about PROSE research
  • Collaborate with researchers, engineers, and jointly mentor research fellows

Qualifications required:

  • Bachelors, Masters, or comparable experience, in Computer Science or a relevant field
  • Demonstrated experience with research tasks by contributing to at least one academic paper draft, submission, or publication. Relevant tasks include collecting and analyzing data, formulating hypotheses, designing experiments, implementing systems to validate hypotheses, reporting results, academic writing for conference submissions, and presenting work to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Experience implementing research prototypes in languages (including but not limited to) Python, C#, and Typescript

Preferred qualifications:

  • Ability to carry out a research project, demonstrated by a submission (or ideally publication) at a top-tier PL/SE/HCI/ML/DB venue (e.g. PLDI, OOPSLA, UIST, CHI, AAAI, NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, SIGMOD, VLDB, POPL, FSE, ICSE, ASE, EMNLP, NAACL, ACL, and comparable)
  • At least 2 years of prior experience in Computer Science, or related fields
  • Experience in training transformer-based models (including collecting and curating training data) as part of research projects in an industrial or academic setting.
  • Experience working with large language models.
  • Have interests in applying machine learning to structured and semi-structured data such as tabular data.
  • Strong communication skills

Job/Req. ID: 1671739

Company: Microsoft

LocationBangalore, KA

Job Category: Computer Science Engineering

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