Engineer, Assembly & Test Engineering | Micron Technology | Sanand, Gujrat

Job description:

Micron Technology is hiring Engineers from various field in Sanand.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for addressing and improve product and equipment – specific issues.
  • Collaborating with other Assembly Engineering teams to implement new products and monitor existing products.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for product-specific engineering issues and acts as a liaison with outside departments including FAB, Probe, PE, Test, QA, EI and Planning.
  • Liaised with QA group for quality improvement by introducing efficient working method, safety working environment, line audit, equipment health check and process and equipment improvement.
  • Responsibilities and Tasks Evaluate and Improve Assigned Assembly Manufacturing Processes, Materials, and/or Equipment
  • Maintain General process knowledge
  • Maintain Equipment knowledge as it relates to the process
  • Maintain Materials knowledge as it relates to the process
  • Optimize process and/or equipment variables
  • Identify all process variables
  • Apply DOE techniques
  • Perform containment of process and equipment deviations
  • Determine root cause
  • Implement corrective action
  • Maintain knowledge of equipment and materials and how they interact
  • Monitor Assembly process SPC and implement working procedures, process specification, FMEA and OCAP for line personnel Evaluate Future Process, Equipment and/or Material Technologies
  • Evaluate pertinent technology and engineering advancements relating to equipment, materials and processes
  • Locate and research technical information on equipment, materials, and/or processes in journals, literature, web, etc.
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with suppliers
  • Identify supplier’s materials or equipment design and production processes
  • Create decision matrix for equipment and material selection Coordinate Equipment and/or Material Procurement
  • Maintain knowledge of process, equipment, and material requirements
  • Follow equipment safety requirements
  • Define quality and performance requirements
  • Maintain knowledge of procurement document requirements and format
  • Follow Micron Capital Equipment Procedures (MICAP)
  • Maintain working knowledge of Assembly’s equipment installation procedures
  • Set up required inventories for start up (tools, spare parts, materials).
  • Maintain knowledge SAP MATREQ (Materials Requisition) program to look up and order spare parts
  • Maintain knowledge of equipment tracking programs: ETI (Equipment Tracking Interface), ETReports, ETMaint. Develop Process of Record (POR)
  • Define process variables
  • Determine major contributing factors or variables and their interactions using DOE techniques
  • Define process edges and center the process (CPK)
  • Assembly in-line process control and working towards assembly yield continuous improvement Qualify New Process, Equipment and/or Material
  • Define and implement quality systems
  • Maintain knowledge of Assembly’s qualification procedures
  • Maintain knowledge of Quality and Reliability Assurance (QRA).
  • Cost reduction project by working closely with other team member such development group, material and equipment supplier Implement New Process, Equipment and/or Material
  • Define and maintain operation, maintenance, and energy isolation procedures
  • Review current procedures on an on-going basis
  • Maintain knowledge of Assembly On-Line Document System (AODS)
  • Maintain knowledge of change communication procedures: ECN (Engineering Change Notice), Inbox, emails
  • Maintain knowledge of material attributes (shelf life, storage requirements, etc.)
  • Ensure materials compatibility with equipment and parameters
  • Maintain knowledge of supplier’s constraints
  • Maintain knowledge of new chemical/material approval process and MICIS (Micron Chemical Information Systems) Coordinate Training Requirements and Conduct Training
  • Develop, or coordinate development of, training materials for existing equipment
  • Coordinate and conduct technical training with Engineering and Equipment Support (EES) group
  • Conduct training for production trainers
  • Train and mentor others Contribute to a Safe and Compliant Work Environment
  • Identify and promptly report hazards
  • Follow safety procedures and area work rules (including use of proper PPE, energy isolation, and chemical safety)
  • Operate and maintain equipment and tools within manufacturer and company guidelines
  • Use proper lifting techniques and work in an ergonomically correct manner

Education required:

  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Electronics Engineering
    • Materials Science
    • Mechanical Engineering

Job/Req. ID: JR42181

Company: Micron Technology

Location: Sanand, Gujrat

Job CategoryMechanical or Electrical or Electronics or Material Engineering

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