Graduate Intern Technical (JR0259514) | Intel Job | Bangalore, KA

Job description:

Intel is conducting an internship for Engineers.

Job duties and responsibilities:

Intern will be responsible for research, design and develop novel concept for thermal solution of electronic devices Identify key future technology through literature survey that can be developed for electronic devices. Work in guidance to demonstrate the concept feasibility application through simulation and prototype testing. Eager to learn CFD packages bring out ideas towards implementation with strong basics on fundamentals. Applies knowledge of conduction, convection (passive and active), radiation, heat sinks, heat pipes, and vapor chambers to perform system level thermal design analysis. Thermal and pressure characterization of cooling solution.

Qualifications required:

  • MTech student in Thermal engineering
  • Strong thermal fundamentals with experience and strong research interest on below subjects
    1. Heat Transfer
    2. Thermodynamics

Job/Req. ID: JR0259514

Company: Intel

Location: Bangalore, KA

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