Physical Design Engineer Job Opportunity In Bangalore at Texas Instruments

Job description:

The Radar and Analytics group at Texas Instruments India is looking for passionate Physical Design Engineer to work on next-gen CMOS single-chip millimeter wave sensor portfolio for Automotive Radar and Industrial applications.

Physical Design team here owns Complete SoC Synthesis to Layout closure including constraints development and STA & is responsible for design handoff to manufacturing. Physical Design team at Radar & Analytics also works closely with systems and designs team for PPA optimization and has good knowledge of system aspects of the device usage.

About the group:

The Radar and Analytics team has delivered world’s most precise millimeter wave sensor available today on a single chip. This team has come-up with World’s first CMOS based mmWave Radar sensor. It integrates a high-performance radar RF front end with best-in-class DSP and MCU to achieve a wide portfolio of single chip, high-performance, low-power mmWave Radar sensors catering to automotive and industrial markets. The applications range from ultra-short and short range to front long range radar, proximity sensing, level sensing, traffic monitoring, drone and many more. With accuracy up to 3x that of competing solutions, TI’s mmWave radar sensors provide the crucial range, velocity and angle measurements essential to these applications.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • As a Physical Design Engineer in the team, you will be working independently on the entire flow from RTL to GDSII.
  • Understand the design, clock architecture, reset architecture, DFT architecture and influence them as per Physical Design needs.
  • Responsible for Place & Route, Reliability and Physical verification, Reliability closure
  • Methodologies to keep the PD cycle efficient and predictable.
  • Techniques to reduce Power and Area to make the device competitive
  • Techniques used in automotive designs.
  • Ability to interface with Fab and Qualification teams.

Qualifications and experience required:

  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering.
  • 1-2 years of Industry experience
  • Understanding of DFT architectures
  • Good understanding and mastery in PD flow using Cadence tools and basic TCL scripting.
  • Knowledge of design requirements and guidelines for automotive applications and associated analog DFT hooks is a desirable
  • High speed (up to 2Ghz) design closure experience
  • Experience/Understanding of Backend flows like Synthesis, Floorplan & Powerplan, Placement, Clock Tree Synthesis, Route, STA, Reliability & Physical verification closure.

Preferred skills / experience:

  • Experienced with IC design and full development cycle from definition through release to production.
  • Effective communication skills to interact with all stakeholders.
  • Team and People Skills: The candidate should have good people skills to work closely with the systems, analog, layout and test team
  • Must be highly focused and remain committed to obtaining closure on project goals

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Texas Instruments

Location: Bangalore, KA

Job Category: VLSI Engineering

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