PCB Designer Job Opportunity | Vecmocon Technologies | Delhi, India

Job description:

Vecmocon Technologies is seeking an individual to specialize in PCB design for their embedded hardware products. This role will involve collaboration with Vecmocon’s mechanical, software, and production teams to create the end product.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Design & develop PCB layouts for automotive hardware products.
  • PCB layer stack-up & material selection
  • Design custom footprints
  • Create and maintain Altium component libraries as per company standards
  • Electronic components selection and BoM optimisation
  • Create production documentation for manufacturing of PCBAs, including BoM, Gerber files, pick and place etc
  • Analyze & resolve any design related issues and recommend improvements
  • Work with cross functional product development teams in supporting product development
  • Provide support to production and PCB manufacturing teams
  • Assist teams in preparing test procedures to verify PCB functions

Skills required:

  • Strong fundamental knowledge of electronics engineering
  • Strong knowledge of Altium Designer tools
  • PCB routing of Analog layout, impedance control, Star grounding and power plane.
  • Strong knowledge of DFM Analysis.
  • Good knowledge of schematic reading & components functionality.
  • Strong knowledge of component placement.
  • Aware of the common design rules related to PCB as:creepage & clearance, noise reduction,EMI/EMC consideration, consideration for thermal integrity.
  • Clear understanding of PCB layer stackup & via selection
  • Experience working with import/export engineering drawings(DWG/DXF/STEP).
  • Knowledge of MS Office suite

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Vecmocon Technologies

Location: Delhi, india

Job CategoryElectronics Engineering

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