Mechatronics Engineer | APEX Research Laboratory | India

Job description:

APEX Research Laboratory is conducting an interview for the post of Mechatronics Engineer.

Job duties and responsibilities:

Being a mechatronics engineer involves focusing on different aspects of mechatronics like modeling, real-time computer interfacing, sensors, controllers, and actuators. You work on different aspects like sensing and control systems, automation and robotics, artificial intelligence and expert systems etc. You also have to study the viability, cost implications, and performance benefits of new mechatronic equipments. Maintaining and improving existent industrial and manufacturing processes and designs, for example, robotic lawn mowers and robot floor cleaners, are also among your duties.

Essentials responsible & duties:

  • CAD 3D Model Designing, developing and enhancing electro-mechanical systems and mechatronic devices.
  • Creating automated systems and the software to control them.
  • Conducting research, documenting findings, and presenting reports at meetings.
  • Developing design documents for mechanical parts and final products.
  • Identifying areas of weakness in the production line or finished products and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Understanding problems or client briefs and developing solutions that satisfy them.
  • Selecting the required tools and materials for the manufacturing process.
  • Assisting with recruitment, onboarding, and training of junior Engineers or Apprentices.
  • Attending workshops, training sessions, and conferences to network with others and stay on top of field advancements.

Job Salary Offer:

25,000 to 40,000

Qualifications and Experience required:

  • BSc in mechatronics engineering or similar.
  • A completed apprenticeship or additional courses would be advantageous.
  • Strong mathematical, analytical, and creative thinking skills.
  • Ability to work in a team or alone.
  • Self-starter with a passion for engineering.
  • High Performance Computer for CAD designing and Simulation

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: APEX Research Laboratory

Location: India

Job Category: Mechatronics Engineering

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