Software Engineer – Entry level | Citrix | Bangalore, KA

Job description:

Citrix is conducting an interview for Software Engineers.

Job duties and responsibilities:

You are an entry level software engineer or college graduate who understands how to apply engineering principles to operations. You welcome new tools and techniques and you work in conjunction with fellow developers and operations members to come to the best possible solution. You are always looking for patterns and ways to increase efficiency, eliminate downtime, optimize costs, and maintain performance at scale. You work to provide hands-on technical expertise to design, deploy, secure and optimize Cloud services.

Position Overview:

Citrix is rapidly developing and expanding its portfolio of large-scale cloud applications across all product lines, including app/desktop virtualization, networking, and content collaboration. These applications must deliver enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and integration while leveraging consumer internet economies of scale in multiple clouds (and in hybrid scenarios that reach behind the enterprise firewall). This requires excellent architecture and dev-ops process in software development, operations, and site reliability engineering.

Citrix believes that Operations efforts are an Engineering problem, not a human problem. We are looking for talented engineers to help us build an autonomous cloud capable of reliably serving 1 billion users. Gone are the days of logging onto a machine to fix or troubleshoot it. That simply does not scale in large cloud environments. Instead, we build autonomy into our products, tools, and environments to do Operations for us. Engineering a solution that can withstand failure and scaling challenges is paramount to our success.

Essential responsibilities:

  • Develop software with one or more languages (C#, Java, Python, Go, Node.js)
  • Experience with in one or more cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) or in large-scale SaaS on any platform
  • Know when to build new or leverage/enhance an existing solution to solve a challenge.

Understand the following topics:

  • Health – Providing metrics, analytics, and observability in cloud systems
  • Application Hosting – Common patterns to host applications (Kubernetes, Docker, FaaS)
  • Networking – Security and connectivity between, into, and out of cloud services
  • Delivery – Deliver cloud applications and resources reliably and without downtime
  • Databases – Selecting and leveraging different database types and libraries
  • Provide common solutions to multiple teams by identifying and addressing patterns in infrastructure and applications
  • Evangelize and contribute to best practices in library usage and end-to-end architecture
  • Work with other development teams to design scalable, robust systems using cloud native architecture principles
  • Have exposure to systems or applications at scale

Basic Qualifications and Experience required:

  • Experience: 1-2 Years
  • Enjoy working with a large variety of services and technologies
  • Work as a team to solve problems together, minimizing your time being a lone wolf
  • Not get caught up on specific tools and techniques, and instead focus on solving real-world challenges
  • Tinker with new technologies as they become available to keep appraised of the industry
  • Consider yourself just lazy enough to build tooling to perform redundant tasks rather than performing a series of manual tasks
  • Enjoy pushing scalability to the limit with high throughput services
  • Design solutions with failure in mind to ensure reliability
  • Strive towards implementation and iteration rather than over-analyzing a problem
  • Like looking through metrics and logs as if it were a treasure hunt
  • Avoid logging into servers directly and prefer automation and aggregation for management
  • Strive to be a responsible enabler rather than a “gate”

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Being active in the Open Source community by leading, evangelizing, or contributing to projects
  • You have industry experience providing hands-on technical expertise to design, deploy, secure and optimize Cloud services
  • Experience with container technologies: Kubernetes, Docker

Job/Req. ID: R31958

Company: Citrix

Location: Bangalore, KA

Job Category: Software/IT Engineering

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