Mechanical Engineer | NTT | Mumbai, MH

Job description:

NTT is hiring Mechanical Engineers In Mumbai.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • The Engineering function is responsible for all engineering activities within an firm to ensure that business objectives are met.
  • Includes the creation, development, design, and improvement of products, equipment, facilities, services, standards, and procedures in all engineering fields.
  • The Mechanical area is responsible for analysis and maintenance of mechanical systems.
  • Includes testing and monitoring of mechanical systems, support in the development of design specifications, implementing new production processes, and modifying equipment to improve cost effectiveness, reliability, and safety.

The Multi-Focus attribute is typically reserved for roles that either:

  1. are fully described by their area or function description; or
  2. span multiple disciplines, products, or focuses of expertise.

This job family is in the professional level category and works independently with flexibility and authority over daily work priorities.

Incumbents in this job level category may provide work direction to other employees but would not typically have the authority to discipline or reward other employees.

There are different levels available that provide clarity on contribution expectations based on knowledge, application, problem solving, and collaboration.

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: NTT

Location: Mumbai, MH

Job CategoryMechanical Engineering

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