Co-Op/ Intern (23676) | AMD Xilinx | Hyderabad, Telangana

Job description:

AMD Xilinx is conducting an internship for Engineers.

This role requires the student to work from the LOCATION office throughout the duration of the Co-op/Intern term. Co-ops/Interns will work full-time (40 hours) and onsite.

This is for a period of 6 months, beginning (Jan, 2023).

Job duties and responsibilities:

This position is in the AMD Xilinx Hyderabad FPGA architecture team

FPGAs provide a fertile area w.r.t exploring new or porting existing ASIC techniques for power, performance and area optimizations across the full spectrum (i.e. system to circuits) and there’s a great potential to be exposed to some of these in this role

The work involves:

  • Exploration of new circuit, architectural and algorithmic techniques for improving FPGA Fabric performance, power and area.
  • Close collaboration with a senior mentor who will be driving this activity
  • Broad exploration across various areas: circuits, automation, tool/wrapper development, algorithms and architecture
  • Exposure to the state of the art and leading edge developments in the FPGA world
  • A successful candidate may potentially be absorbed in AMD and further drive these explorations to fruition or explore some of these problems to drive their research in the academia
  • The candidate will be responsible for closely collaborating with the mentor and the team, explore research papers (external or internal), run simulations (circuit/hdl), build models and help in exploring the value of various approaches being identified
  • A high performing candidate will have learnt skills like Transistor/Cell level digital circuit design, SPICE based simulations, Verilog simulations, Simple to complex mathematical modeling, Algorithmic techniques driving FPGA optimizations, basics of FPGA architecture and its key functional blocks

Qualifications and experience required:

BS/BE/BTech (final year, graduated), MTech/MS (final year, graduate) Electrical, CS, Electronics, Instrumentation, or equivalent streams

Skills required (in the order of priority):

  • Strong Logic design fundamentals
  • RTL coding skills (preferred)
  • Strong basic circuit design concepts (Network Analysis primarily)
  • Strong transistor level digital design fundamentals
  • Experience with SPICE sims (preferred)
  • Experience with schematic editor like Cadence Virtuoso or eqv. (preferred)
  • Programing/Algorithmic skills and projects in C++/Python (preferred)
  • Machine Learning skills and projects (preferred)
  • Candidates with a broad interest from circuits to algorithms to systems
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills

What would set you apart:

  • High quality projects in some of the preferred skill areas
  • Some published research work

Job/Req. ID: 23676

Company: AMD Xilinx

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Job CategoryElectronics or Electrical or Computer Science or VLSI Engineering

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