Intern – Assembly & Test Engineering | Micron Technology | Gujarat, India

Job description:

Micron Technology is conducting an internship for Engineers.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • NPI Transit Cycle Time Improvement (MXA – MMP) With an increase in weekly loading from 600k to more than 1 million per week of incoming Y4CA lost for TEST-MXA have landed in TEST MMP which has no adequate support for receiving and unboxing hence need to be divert back to third party warehouse, CityZone (CZ). Manufacturing cycle time improvement
    • To improve on NPI receiving time to meet global target at 0.5 days.
    • To achieve both SLIC & Non SLIC NPI E2E cycle time at 1.0x. To achieve both SLIC & Non SLIC NPI E2E cycle time at 1.0x
  • SMT Recipe Standardization and Automation: VPL Implementation AT Onboarding Program. Valor Part Library (VPL) is a database that contain accurate components geometries and part attributes such as heigh, pitch, length, width, etc based on the manufacturer data sheets and is able hold over billion SMT Recipe Standardization and Automation
    • To reduce sources of variability in recipe creation
  • NPI Ad-Hoc Loading Request Management: A systemic approach to manage and execute ad-hoc requests. This system leverages Automated Share-point list in MMP NPI portal under the subsite TEST NPM using Power Automate for ad-Hoc request tracking and approval purposes. Production Loading Management
    • Enable a clear picture to NPM team on ad hoc request requirement and plan.
    • Enable NPM team to obtain adequate information on a request before we start lot loading in and monitoring the lot from the right PIC via a proper channel.
    • Enable team to keep requests organized by minimizing mistakes so that work efficiency increase.
  • Air Balancing for Air Handling Unit (AHU) Electrical Room houses electrical distribution equipment including electrical sub switchboards, distribution boards etc.​Good air-conditioning and ventilation system is required to avoid overheating if the heat load of the electrical equipment in the enclosure is excessive​Air handling unit (AHU) is used to accommodate the requirement.​Facility efficiency and improvement
    • Improve comfort level – Improved airflow can help to reduce hot and cold spots\
    • Cost and energy saving
    • Longer lifespan of HVAC equipment – When a system isn’t balanced, it has to work harder to maintain the temperature you desire, leading to increased energy bills. In extreme cases, an unbalanced system can even lead to equipment damage, resulting in costly repairs.
  • Using Dummy Panels for mylar/ clearfilm Verification High leakage failure defects have been detected on DDR5 modules, which results high DPM for past weeks. The removal of mylar from modules is on of the factors contributing to this issue. The DDR5 products are very sensitive to ESD, causing high leakage failures during removal of mylar from the modules. Quality improvement
    • The purpose of using mylar placed upon the modules is to check solder print alignment setup. Normally we practice this mylar verification for 4 times using the production panels for every new product changeover

Job/Req. ID: JR42257

Company: Micron Technology

Location: Gujarat, India

Job Category: Electrical or Electronics or VLSI Engineering

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