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Job description:

Wipro is hiring a System Hardware Architect for their Bangalore and Hyderabad office.

Job duties and responsibilities:

The purpose of the role is to design, and architect VLSI andHardware based products and enable delivery teams to provide exceptionalclient engagement and satisfaction.


  1. Define product requirements, design and implement VLSI and HARDWAREDevices.
  2. Constant upgrade and updates of design tools, frameworks andunderstand the analysis of toolset chain for development of hardwareproducts.
  3. Ability to analyse right components and hardware elements to choosefor product engineering or development.
  4. Ability to conduct cost-benefit analysis and choose the best fitdesign.
  5. Knowledge on end to end flow of VLSI including design, DFT andVerification and Hardware product development from design, selection ofmaterials, low level system software development and verification.
  6. Needs by displaying complete understanding of product vision andbusiness requirements
  7. Develop architectural designs for the new and existing products
  8. Part Implementation of derived solution
  9. Debug and Solve critical problems during implementation
  10. Evangelize Architecture to the Project and Customer teams to achievethe final solution.
  11. Constant analysis and monitoring of the product solution
  12. Continuously improve and simplify the design, optimize cost andperformance
  13. Understand market- driven business needs and objectives; technologytrends and requirements to define architecture requirements and strategy
  14. Create a product-wide architectural design that ensures systems arescalable, reliable, and compatible with different deployment options
  15. Develop theme-based Proof of Concepts (POCs) in order to demonstratethe feasibility of the product idea and realise it as a viable one
  16. Analyse, propose and implement the core technology strategy forproduct development
  17. Conduct impact analyses of changes and new requirements on theproduct development effort
  1. Provide solutioning of RFPsreceived from clients and ensure overall product design assurance as perbusiness needs
    1. Collaborate with sales, development, consulting teams to reconcilesolutions to architecture
    2. Analyse technology environment, enterprise specifics, clientrequirements to set a product solution design framework/ architecture
  • Provide technical leadership to the design, development andimplementation of custom solutions through thoughtful use of moderntechnology
  1. Define and understand current state product features and identifyimprovements, options & tradeoffs to define target state solutions
  2. Clearly articulate, document and sell architectural targets,recommendations and reusable patterns and accordingly propose investmentroadmaps
  3. Validate the solution/ prototype from technology, cost structure andcustomer differentiation point of view
  • Identify problem areas and perform root cause analysis ofarchitectural design and solutions and provide relevant solutions to theproblem
  • Tracks industry and application trends and relates these to planningcurrent and future IT needs
  1. Provides technical and strategic input during theproduct deployment and deployment
    1. Support Delivery team during the product deployment process andresolve complex issues
    2. Collaborate with delivery team to develop a product validation andperformance testing plan as per the business requirements andspecifications.
  • Identifies implementation risks and potential impacts.
  1. Maintain product roadmap and provide timely inputs forproduct upgrades as per the market needs 
  1. Competency Building and Branding
    1. Ensure completion of necessary trainings and certifications
    2. Develop Proof of Concepts (POCs), case studies, demos etc. fornew growth areas based on market and customer research
    3. Develop and present a point of view of Wipro on productdesign and architect by writing white papers, blogs etc.
    4. Attain market referencsability and recognition through highestanalyst rankings, client testimonials and partner credits
    5. Be the voice of Wipro’s Thought Leadership by speaking inforums (internal and external)
    6. Mentor developers, designers and Junior architects for theirfurther career development and enhancement
    7. Contribute to the architecture practice by conducting selectioninterviews etc

Stakeholder Interaction

Stakeholder Type Stakeholder Identification Purpose of Interaction
Internal Delivery teams Review of architectural process deployment in engagements,escalation management, issue resolution
Pre-sales team For solutioning and architectural design purpose
Holmes engineering and roll out For automation purpose
Talent Transformation Team, Competency Group Plan and support delivery of Technical Trainings, knowledgesharing
HRBP For hiring and managing resources
  Finance Revenue / budgets
  Talent acquisition team Recruitment
External Vendors/ Partners For strategic alignment and partnerships, training
Industry forums Best practices, market intelligence, knowledge sharing



Lists the competencies required to perform this role effectively:

  • Functional Competencies/ Skill
    • Domain/Industry Knowledge – Awareness and knowledge of broadeconomic, demographic, technological and global trends within ownecosystem – Expert
    • Market Intelligence – Deep specialized understanding of theecosystem practice, overall market & competition and nuances ofdelivery in that domain – Master
    • Systems Thinking – Understanding of the Wipro system(interrelatedness, interdependencies and boundaries) and perform problemsolving in a complex environment – Expert
    • Leveraging Technology – In-depth knowledge of and mastery overecosystem technology that commands expert authority respect –Master
    • Technical knowledge – Complete understanding of technology andinfrastructure used for product creation and cyber risks involved,architectural designs and principles – Expert
    • Conceptualize and Engineering of Products – software andsoftware hardware integrated product development
    • Problem Solving
Competency Levels
Foundation Knowledgeable about the competency requirements. Demonstrates (inparts) frequently with minimal support and guidance.
Competent Consistently demonstrates the full range of the competency withoutguidance. Extends the competency to difficult and unknown situations aswell.
Expert Applies the competency in all situations and is serves as a guide toothers as well.
Master Coaches others and builds organizational capability in the competencyarea. Serves as a key resource for that competency and is recognisedwithin the entire organization.


  • Behavioural Competencies
    • Strategic perspective
    • Technology Acumen
    • Design Thinking
    • Innovation
    • Problem Solving approach
    • Managing Complexity
    • Client centricity
    • Execution excellence
    • Change agility
    • Passion for results


No. Performance Parameter Measure
1. Product design, engineering and implementation CSAT, quality of design/ architecture, FTR, delivery as per cost,quality and timeline, POC review and standards
2. Capability development % trainings and certifications completed, mentor technical teams,Thought leadership content developed (white papers, Wipro PoVs)


Job/Req. ID: 3023705


Location: Bangalore and Hyderabad

Job CategoryVLSI Engineering

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