Engineer – Thermal Dynamics (R3648808) | GE Aviation | Bangalore, KA

Job description:

GE Aviation is conducting an interview for the post of Thermal Dynamics Engineer.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Activities aimed at proving a concept to be valid or technically feasible by the application of scientific and engineering methodologies. Work in this family typically has the objective of demonstrating through test or analyses the performance and implementation potential of a concept
  • Impacts quality of own work and the work of others on the team. Executes standard operational/technical tasks typically subject to instructions and work routines. There is latitude to rearrange the sequence to complete task/duties based on changing work situations.
  • Essential duties and responsibilities:
  • Conceptual or theoretical activities about the relation between heat and mechanical energy or work, and the conversion of one into the other: modern thermodynamics deals with the properties of systems for the description of which temperature is a necessary coordinate.
  • Includes Heat transfer that is the science on the exchange of thermal energy between physical systems, depending on the temperature and pressure, by dissipating heat.
  • Developing conceptual knowledge of professional discipline. May include support roles with specialized expertise or technical knowledge in broad area.
  • Applies general knowledge of business developed through education or past experience.
  • Understands how work of own team contributes to the area.
  • Resolves issues using established procedures. Consults supervisor or more senior team members for issues outside of defined instructions/parameters.
  • Collaborates with others to solve issues. For customer facing roles, develops strong customer relationships and serves as the interface between customer and GE. Exchanges technical information, asks questions and checks for understanding.

Qualifications and Experience required:

  • MTech / MS in Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering or equivalent degree
  • 1-2 years of relevant experience on thermal design/analyses in gas turbine domain
  • Basic understanding of Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachines
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

Desired Characteristics:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Effective problem-solving skills.
  • Design, analysis and testing experience in turbo machinery.
  • Exposure to aircraft engine architectures and design process.

Job/Req. ID: R3648808

Company: GE Aviation

Location: Bangalore, KA

Job Category: Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

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