Design Engineering Architect (R35003) | Cadence | Bangalore, KA

Job description:

Cadence is conducting an interview for the post of Design Engineering Architect.

Job requirements:

  • Complete understanding of power sensitive elements in typical rack based system, from silicon to surrounding firmware that enables power savings
  • Ability to analyze performance bottlenecks at a chip or system level
  • Influence rtl changes that help act as debug tools while chip is in functional or diagnostic use
  • Review IP / rtl / verification plans and influence methodology
  • Sound knowledge of asic development flow including understanding of tools / methodologies that are focused on providing power – performance tradeoff.
  • Ability to profile the power of a given system and analyze the various contributors and be able to create knobs that can mimic academic and real life profiles
  • Ability to work with RTL/verif/Physical design / validation engineers to corelate actual power numbers with various forms of simulations. Should be comfortable going through Verilog/system Verilog code that is associated with power sensitive behavior
  • Good understanding of High speed IO [ DDR / serdes ] used in standard SOCs and associated configuration options that change power profiles
  • Good understanding of asic validation process
  • Hands on abilities to use tune various tools that help in doing power profiling in a custom environment. Will require familiarity with shell / python scripting / C / C ++

Job/Req. ID: R35003


Location: Bangalore, KA

Job CategoryVLSI Engineering

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