IOT Software Development and Validation Engineer | Intel | Bangalore, KA

Job description:

Intel is conducting an interview for the post of IOT Software Development and Validation Engineer.

Embedded Software /Firmware Development Engineer focusing on developing firmware/drivers/middleware in Linux/Windows OS, boot/BIOS and Security domains. This is an exciting role where selected candidates will work on cutting-edge technologies in IOTG domain being part of energetic and innovative team. Candidates will have an opportunity to work with experienced development engineers and architects on design, implementation and testing for Intel IOTG products. Will work as part of a highly skilled team that has proven over years through great team spirit, knowledge cross sharing and positive work environment.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for developing multiple aspects of Linux device drivers (IO drivers), boot/BIOS and Security drivers for both existing hardware and in pre-silicon environments.
  2. Adaptable to work across boot, Firmware, Security, low level drivers like DMA, I2C etc and middleware logical layers. Able to troubleshoot Linux apps, boot and driver issues.
  3. Contributes intensively to silicon bring up camps through technical contributions to prove successful execution of module and support various system tracks.

Qualifications required:

  1. Candidate should have a Bachelors or Masters degree in Electronics or Computer Science Engineering with exposure to embedded system development
  2. Excellent Programming, Design and Coding Skills in C using complex data structure and algorithms- Strong programming skills in C and/or C++, Python
  3. Strong in CPU architecture: ARM and/or X86- Knowledge in Linux Kernel, driver and application development
  4. Experience with embedded development environment such as git, Linux host
  5. Academic Exposure in domain of BIOS, Boot interfaces, different stages of Boot, boot loader
  6. Academic Exposure in domain of application security, Crypto algorithms, device encryption/decryption, symmetric and Asymmetric key handling, HW root of trust protection
  7. Knows to troubleshoot various kernel issues with the help of gdb server or host based debugger
  8. Exposure to build script and infrastructure.
  9. Understanding of Yocto build system would be a plus
  10. Knowledge in IO and connectivity drivers like PCIe, Ethernet, USB will be a plus-
  11. Candidates with prior Open Source contributions and Linux kernel development experience preferred

Job/Req. ID: JR0227827

Company: Intel

Location: Bangalore, KA

Job Category: Electronics or Computer Science Engineering

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