Management Graduates | Air India | Delhi, India

Job description:

Air India is hiring Management Graduates.

Position Title: MBA Graduates

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • You will be an integral part of the team working with the stakeholders on transformation for Air India.
  • The role would involve supporting the Project Leaders and management team by participating in key stakeholder meetings, preparing project analysis, market research, implementation of best practices.
  • Able to draw on extensive knowledge and experience across projects to provide insightful, deal-relevant points of view and recommendations based on robust analysis.
  • Able to employ kind of large-scale, objective-oriented approach using three major components: environmental scanning, strategy formulation & implementation and strategy evaluation.

Skills Required for the role:

  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Knowledge of current industry trends
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong work ethics
  • Must be self-driven individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Should be able to deliver clear and professional presentations to senior stakeholders
  • Good Analytical and Project Modelling Skills

Minimum Education Requirements:

  • Master’s Degree in related field

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Air India

Location: Delhi, India

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