Design Engineer-Power Electronics (BMS) | Ather Energy | Bangalore, KA

Job description:

Ather Energy is conducting an interview for the post of Power Electronics Design Engineer.

you’ll be: Design Engineer-Power electronics(BMS)
you’ll be based at: IBC Knowledge Park
you’ll be Aligned with: Team Lead, Power Electronics
you’ll be A member of: Hardware & System Engineering

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate compliance to corporate values and Departmental procedures per requirements of the corporate QS standards.
  • Support team during QS Audits, Demonstrate compliance.
  • Conceptualize and implement key product differentiators through effective benchmarking.
  • Manage technical risks in projects through effective DFMEA.
  • Demonstrate collaborative culture while staying committed to Technical deliverables.
  • Technically Coach and Mentor resources in the Development team.
  • Meet Cost, Quality & Schedule goals for Programs/Projects.
  • Carry out detailed Design Calculations, WCA and Tolerance Analyses to demonstrate compliance to sub-system/system specifications.
  • Demonstrate compliance to checklists/Templates during reviews on Design/Simulation,
  • Schematic, PCB Layout, WCA, Tolerance Analyses, IP, Safety and Regulatory aspects of design.
  • Lead and drive reuse of platforms and design resources to help reduce TTM, cost and enhance quality. Implement lessons learnt into designs.
  • Lead and drive periodic DFMEA reviews. Demonstrate focus on pro-active screening of defects and timely implementation of control mechanisms to reduce RPN.
  • Demonstrate compliance to corporate guidelines on DFM, DFA, DFC, DFS, DFR and Component Selection/derating.
  • Lead RCA on field failures and Approve RCA Reports & CAPA.
  • Lead Planning and execution of Engineering DVT and DVT.
  • Carry out Benchmarking tests on competitor systems/sub-systems and submit reports.
  • Participate in supplier Meetings and Technical workshops with key component manufacturers.
  • Minimize component diversity in designs.
  • Partner with Technical resources from Manufacturers/Suppliers to deliver solutions to issues.
  • Participate in internal Peer Group discussions to share and implement best practices.
  • Leverage support from the Program/Project Management team to reduce TTM/Risks.
  • Participate and contribute to PFMEA discussions with the NPD and Operations teams.
  • Work with Swimlane and relevant teams to define manufacturing test plans, review build reports and implement corrective actions to enhance manufacturing cost, yield and consistency.
  • Support NPD in carrying out RCA and Implementing CAPA during PPAP builds.
  • Work with the Operations Team to support Sustenance of designs in production.
  • Support the team during internal audits carried out by the Process Excellence team.
  • Demonstrate compliance to the corporate Design & Development processes.
  • Work with the SW team to define & implement SW/FW requirements.
  • Prepare, Review and execute Engineering DVT plans. Debug and close JiRA issues with appropriate RCA reports.
  • Coordinate efforts with the HAT team to prepare and review DVT plans. Debug and resolve JiRA Issues reported during DVT Execution.
  • Represent team during reviews with PVL, debug and resolve Integration issues during product development.


Expert level:

  • Battery Management System Design & Analysis
  • Analog Front End (AFE) Application Design & Analysis
  • Current sensors and precision amplifiers
  • Analog Circuit Design & Analysis
  • Digital System Design & Analysis

Advanced level:

  • Li-Ion Battery Construction, Calendar Life, Cycle Life and Service life contributors
    Engineering DVT of BMS
  • Debug & Troubleshooting of BMS
  • Debug & Troubleshooting of Analog & Digital Circuits
  • Thermal Testing, Safety & Regulatory Pre-Compliance Testing
  • Li-Ion Battery pack safety standards, Testing methodologies
  • Semiconductor Device Characteristics – MOSFETs, IGBTs, Thyristors, Rectifiers AFE ICs, LDOs, Switching Regulators, LED Drivers
  • Electrolytic and Ceramic Capacitors, NTC, PTC, Relays, Contactors, MOV, GDT
    PCB Layout Design
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors, Signal Conditioning Circuit design & Analysis

Basic level:

  • BMS Specifications
  • Pb-Acid/Li-Ion Battery Charging Algorithms
  • Pb-Acid/Li-Ion Battery Chemistry, Construction, Cycle/Calendar/Service Life Estimation
  • Design Verification and Testing of Batteries and BMS, Li-Ion Battery pack safety standards,
  • Testing methodologies & Standards
  • Technical Risk Management
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • UL/VDE/IEC/BIS/CCC Safety standards
  • IEC/EN Regulatory Standards
  • ISO 9001-15/QS9000 Quality Systems
  • Six Sigma
  • PMP/Agile Methodology
  • MIL217F/BELLCORE Reliability Standards

Familiar Level:

  • Embedded Design for BMS
  • ESD Compliance standards, Component and PCBA Handling
  • Design Thinking
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Environmental Standards


PSIM (A), MATLAB (A), MathCAD (A), ORCAD (A), Allegro (B), SOLIDWORKS (F), Crystall
Ball (B), Pugh Matrix (B), Regression Analysis (B), DoE (B), C/C++/Embedded C (B)
„h DSO (E), DMM (E), Datalogger (E), Electronic Load (E), LabView (B), Thermal Chamber (B), Torque Sensor (A), Position Sensor (A), Power Supplies (E). Voltage and Current calibration instruments and methodologies(E)

Qualifications and experience required:

  • 1-5 years of experience in hands-on design and development of BMS for Li-Ion Chemistries.
  • B.Tech/M.Tech with Specialization in Electrical/Electronics’ Engineering

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Ather Energy

Location: Bangalore, KA

Job CategoryElectrical or Electronics Engineering

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