Hardware Design Engineer Job | Matrix Comsec | Vadodara, Gujarat

Job description:

Matrix Cosmec is looking for Hardware Design Engineers.

You’re a dynamic and enthusiastic individual with a deep understanding of Hardware design.

You possess expertise across all phases of the Hardware Product Development Lifecycle. You have hands-on experience in schematic design. You’ve demonstrated proficiency in designing and developing various components such as printed circuit boards (PCB), processors, memory modules, and network components. You’ve successfully managed the development of high-speed board designs in the embedded domain, including experience with High-Speed Interfaces like DDR, Memory, USB, Ethernet (Additional experience with HDMI, SATA, MIPI is advantageous). You also have basic knowledge of EMI-EMC Compliance. You’ve been involved in Design testing and have a solid understanding of Thermal management and product reliability. Additionally, you’re familiar with Alternate part approval and verification, possessing knowledge of Electronics components characteristics, and are skilled in preparing BOMs efficiently. Your Problem-Solving ability and effective communication skills are exceptional. You take full ownership of ensuring timely product delivery with uncompromising software quality. As a motivated problem solver, you adeptly document and communicate issues, presenting both the problem and solution concisely and clearly.

Job duties and responsibilities:

Collaborate with the hardware design team and embedded team to brainstorm innovative solutions.

Responsibilities as a Hardware Engineer:

  • Design block diagrams and architecture for product design.
  • Create schematic diagrams adhering to engineering layout principles and industry standards.
  • Prepare comparisons of parts and review design for approval.
  • Integrate with other engineering departments for product definition (System design, Schematic and Layout integration, Upfront work with vendor team).
  • Manage design and testing-related activities with structured workflow.
  • Provide support for product certification such as CE, FCC, and other safety standards.
  • Work with various high-speed interfaces like RGMII, MIPI-DSI, PCIE gen3, MIPI-CSI, eMMC, USB3.0.

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Matrix Cosmec

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Job CategoryEmbedded or Electronics Engineering

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