Embedded Software Intern/Engineer | Oxvi | Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Job description:

Oxvi is currently looking forward to hiring some amazing humans as interns and full-time employees. Oxvi is looking for an “Embedded Software Intern/Engineer” to play a key role in the process of designing and manufacturing an optimized medical device.

This is an individual contributor role with a direct impact on company growth. The person would be a part of the Electronics Team and shall be responsible for tasks assigned to individuals based on skillset and requirements. The work would range from industry-level electronics hardware configurations and extensive electronics software development to working on microcontrollers and user interface display design and development.

Candidates looking to work in challenging roles at a really cool Health-Tech start-up are the perfect fit for this role!

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Must have working experience of Developing and debugging code for ARM microcontroller and development experience with Embedded Software
  • Embedded software on ARM Cortex A7/A8/A9 based SoC or ARM Cortex M0/M4, PIC, TI MSP430, Atmel MCUs Managing peripherals like Ethernet, USB, SPI, I2C, Video, Audio, WiFi, Bluetooth etc
  • Hands-on experience in software architecture, driver development, BSP porting, boot loaders, algorithm development, performance optimization
  • Designing firmware, code implementation on hardware, compatibility testing including interaction and integration with hardware design
  • Hands-on with stacks like TCP/IP, UDP, WI-Fi, BlueTooth, I2C & SPI, sensor interfacing and control motor or electro-mechanical systems
  • Expert in board bring-up, hardware interfacing firmware debugging (manual & auto), unit and system testing & root-cause analysis
  • Embedded Linux or RTOS experience, Experience with Electronics software tools and processes

Qualifications and Experience required:

  • Pursuing Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation & Control or Computer Engineering
  • Experience: 0-2 years, brownie points for past Industry Experience

Skills Requirements:

  • Fluent working proficiency of microcontroller code development process in C/C++ and embedded software development and embedded C
  • Fluent control over protocols, digital and analog communication, memory devices and file system internals.
  • Experience in Processor internal blocks/Controllers, I/O Interfaces, Peripherals, Interrupts, Memory Mapped I/O, GPIO, UART, Knowledge of USB.
  • In-depth hands-on expertise on PCB Design tool Eagle for single and multi- layer PCB design and working expertise in Altium ( good to have) with in-depth knowledge and expertise in PCB design, component procurement, verification, board manufacturing and PCB assembly.
  • Knowledge of industry best practices in preparing PCB design release for Fabrication and assembly along with SMD soldering
  • Experience in testing motor controllers using high-wattage power supplies, electronic loads, dynamometers etc. is highly preferred
  • Experience working on Power PCB with microcontroller, Motor controllers, etc and detailed
  • knowledge and experience on Power PCB design concepts such as Track width, clearance, creepage, thermal pads and vias, thermal relief, PCB thickness, insulation etc.
  • Good working knowledge of PCB design concepts such as floor-planning, component placement, power and ground plane design, length matching, impedance matching, differential routing etc.
  • Good knowledge in DFM (Design for Manufacturing)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; mastery in English.
  • Ability to effectively communicate product architectures, design proposals and negotiate options at management levels. Ability to rapidly adapt to a challenging work environment, team spirit and good communication skills.

About Oxvi:

Oxvi is a fast-paced health-tech start-up based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We at Oxvi, are meticulously working on developing respiratory health holistically. We work on developing portable medical devices and simultaneously working on various visionary concepts to improve respiratory health.

Working Mode: Offline – In office Internship

Perks: Stipend, Internship Certificate, performance-based Full-Time Employment Opportunity

Note: Full time role is open only for people with Work-ex, for the rest Full time can be confirmed upon conversion post internship.

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: Oxvi

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Job CategoryElectronics or Instrumentation & Control or Computer Engineering

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