Technical Content Developer | MOBA Mobile Automation | Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Job description:

MOBA Mobile Automation is conducting an interview for the post of Technical Content Developer.

About the team:

MOBA Mobile Automation is looking for a Technical Writer to produce high-quality documentation that contributes to the overall success of our products. You will join a team collaboratively with developers, quality engineers, project manager, and usability experts to make our products easier to use.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Determine the needs for systems or products of which technical documentation like manuals, test reports, work instruction, data sheet etc is required.
  • Study product and/or systems and talk with product developers and owners.
  • Work with technical team to make products and instructions easier to use
  • Write or revise supporting documentations for products/systems.
  • Incorporate animation, illustrations (like system architecture), or photographs to increase users’ understanding of the manuals.
  • Act as the point of contact among Product Owners, Production Line Managers, QC & service Engineers.
  • Standardize manuals for all systems. All manuals must have revision history with proper details of reason for new revision.
  • Prepare and follow strict nomenclature for all types of documentation related to system before product handover.
  • Prepare and maintain data for technical specification sheet for products developed inhouse, prepare folders of technical data sheet from suppliers for parts used in making that product.
  • Get verification signature on all manuals and other related documents from product owner before product handover.
  • All documents must be saved under proper file name nomenclature and back up of these files to be taken on monthly basis.
  • Collect user feedback to update and improve the content
  • Prepare Data sheet with proof against the testing done. If not third party, then specify testing method and results with photographs.

Qualifications required:

  • Bachelor’s or Diploma degree in Electronics and Communication preferred or relevant degree with 0-6 months of experience.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Knowledge & Experience required:

  • Experience with documentation content and testing procedures.
  • Product or industry-specific experience
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office. Any graphical tool is an advantage.

In addition to these, following are must:

Technical skills: He must be able to understand and then explain highly technical information. Must be aware of electronics knowledge, wire routing and basics of PCB and mechanical design.

Communication/interpersonal skills: He must be able to take complex, technical information and translate it for colleagues and consumers who have nontechnical backgrounds. Must be fluent in English and can check/correct grammatical errors.

Imagination: He must be able to think about a system or product in the way that a person without technical experience would think about it and accordingly he must prepare the manuals.

Writing skills: They must have excellent writing skills so that they are able to explain technical information clearly.

Teamwork: He must be able to work well with others. They are almost always part of a team: with product owners, with graphical designers, with production and qc team members.

Job/Req. ID: N/A

Company: MOBA Mobile Automation

Location: Gandhinagar, GJ

Job CategoryElectronics Engineering

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